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Dental Connection is a comprehensive networking and educational resource offering dental practice management for the dental industry in Iowa​ and surrounding areas. In our network, you will find financial advisors, equipment, products and services, marketing and opportunities to connect with professionals in the dental industry and dental health.


Taking your dental practice to the next level

Many dentists don’t know where to start when it comes to selling or buying a dental practice. Our experts at HK Dental Transitions have been helping dentists make the transition process simple for decades. 

There is no question that the world that we live in is constantly changing and moving forward. We in the dental industry are not immune to these forces and must adapt to make the most of our opportunity. 

We are dedicated to providing educational programs for dental students and dental professionals across Iowa.

Since social media moves at a faster pace than your website does, so post your blog article on social media more than once. A decent article written for the dental industry is not going to go stale very soon. However, social media becomes outdated really fast.

It can be difficult to discern fact from fiction when dealing with landlords. A misunderstanding of these key

issues can have serious consequences for your practice. The following information should help dispel some

common myths and prevent costly mistakes in your next lease negotiation

Greg Gilbaugh is an effective and engaging communicator. He has spoken at business colleges, dental colleges, university athletic teams, professional health care groups, and men’s conferences.  


Our Mission

About Us

Educate and Equip the dental community with innovative resources to compete in today’s ever-changing environment”  Why Dental Connection!!! We created Dental Connection because of the challenges  facing the dental industry and the realization that we all communicate differently. The Dental Connection team is comprised of individuals with backgrounds and experience specific for the dental industry in financial and accounting, dental supplies and systems, dental equipment and technology and marketing.  Networking, events, webinars, dental professionals, informational resources and links will be available for the everyone in the dental industry through Dental Connection.



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