5 Social Media Marketing Trends for the Dental Industry


Social Media Trend #1: Share Relevant Information

Your goal in publishing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels, is to engage your audience using short, easily digestible and exciting bits of media.


Share information that will educate your patients and position you as an authority in your niche dental industry market. Photos, infographics, links to interesting articles, links to other posts, Twitter re-tweets, and your insights are great to share.


Your goal is to project a very real, relaxed (socially), easy-to-connect-with image. Do post a photo of your new piece of equipment, sharing what you'll be able to do with it, or a picture of your office party, or your latest additional to your clinic. Test #1: If you are not having fun with social media, it is not working for you (because you are not social).

Use the rule of thirds:

⅓ of your social content should promote your business, convert readers, and generate profit.

⅓ of your social content should surface and share ideas and stories from thought leaders in your industry or similar companies.

⅓ of your social content should be based on personal interactions and build your own


Social Media Trend #2: Publish Often

How would it be if you had a rolling conversation with your spouse, your best friend, or your co-worker, but then said nothing to them for the following two weeks? Wouldn't that seem odd? Same with social media.


When and how often should you post? After you get going on Facebook, Fan post Karma will give you a cool analysis of your marketing stats.


Each social network's culture will determine how often and how much you post. Twitter limits you to 140 characters while Facebook readers will be looking for longer content.


Facebook posts with 80+ words garner 2X the audience engagement.

Want to automate your publishing? Use a social media dashboard but be careful on becoming too comfortable with this as your only option.


Social Media Trend #3: Create a Style Guide

Dental clinics and professionals get busy trying to keep up with contract milestones - not to mention keeping up with social media publishing. Creating a style guide, or a styles chapter in your procedures manual can help to keep your organization on track.


Your style guide should:

    List styles for each social media channel.

    Include a publishing calendar.

    Include a timetable to check metrics.


Social Media Trend #4: Employ Metrics

What would one good lead be worth to you? A certain percentage of your potential customers who engage with you on social media will convert. Wouldn't it be nice to track the value of this ROI?

You can track ROI manually or by using tracking software such as Google Analytics (it is free) or some other software packages you'd have to pay for.


What to review:

    Average monthly visits.

    Referrals from social media to your website.

    Conversion rates.

    Customers generated.


Social Media Trend #5: Test, Review and Revise

Unlike the ever-changing marketing trends of, say, an electronics company, social media marketing trends for the dental industry change more slowly. In a short time frame, you'll find things that are working to develop leads and things that are not.


Since social media moves at a faster pace than your website does, so post your blog article on social media more than once. A decent article written for the dental industry is not going to go stale very soon. However, social media becomes outdated really fast.

Twitter, for example, deletes your old tweets after you reach your allotment of 3,200, so keep things fresh by posting often.


Key take-a-ways from this series of post tips.

    !Social media is a necessary path to creating content for the dental professional and industry.

    !Engage your audience by sharing consistent content that will educate.

    !Measure your results and don't be afraid to tweak what's not working.